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Maankraters is a creative studio based in Amsterdam, which specializes in scale models (1:1 tot 1:1000). Our work spans from fairly uncomplicated research models to elaborate final presentation models.

We focus on architecture, interior, urban and landscape. Most of our work is created and produced in our own studio, but we just as easily work on location as well.

Besides architectural projects we love to take on other assignments. Furniture, scale models for commercials, all kinds of props.

You dream it, Maankraters creates it.

We want to be challenged and will undertake all projects with passion and total dedication.

we're always more then willing to give creative support, advice and ideas concerning spatial and graphical designs.

Have a look around and please feel free to contact us.

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Scale models

Scale models are three dimentional reproductions that have been reduced or enlarged to a certain scale of an original design. They're ideal for giving life to drawings and objects. Flat sketches become spatial, massive projects become tangible and tiny things become larger than life.

Architecture, interior design, town-planning, landscaping... Models are an essential building block in all kinds of creative projects. Maankraters therefore delivers high-end scale models, that are always created in close collaboration with the client. Our goal is to always exceed expectations.


Not only in architecture, but in film and television as well, the use of miniatures is undergoing a big revival. Showing the art of real handicraft and making objects look touchable on screen is becoming more and more popular.

The last couple of years computer animations predominated the scene. But nowadays real creations are the best way to stand out in this artificial world we live in.

~ Craftmanship is mastership ~


There's more to Maankraters than scale models and miniatures. We always love to say: if it fits in our studio, we can build it.

Since we started in 2010, we've created replica's, props and one-off objects for numerous film and advertising productions.

We always want to make sure that your idea or sketch is translated into a safe, durable and carefully made object. If need be we'll gladly provide technical and creative support on set or location.
~ Stijn Toonen - creative director ~


At Maankraters we are very passionate about the model making craft. Therefore we love to give workshops to children and introduce them to our profession. Our workshops are accessible, funny but also serious. No childish tinkering but real model making. The kids use professional equipment and materials and are always under the supervision of an experienced model maker. Workshops are given in our studio and can be booked via e-mail. Age-minumum: 10. Max group size: 6 kids.



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